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PTE Training (Pearson Test of English) is a fully computer-based English language proficiency exam that is recognized globally for study, work and visa applications. It is fast, fair and simple compared to other language tests and is trusted by 3500+ universities and colleges globally. It analyses test-takers' commands to read, write, speak and listen to English in a single session. The PTE exam is taken by non-native English speakers who are planning to study or work in an English-speaking environment. This way, the PTE Training is similar to other English language proficiency exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. On the contrary, it differs from other language tests in terms of duration and speed, as it delivers results in just 2 days. One can take the exam in three forms: PTE Academic, PTE Core, and UK visa tests. The test involves 20 questions of different types, including a mix of multiple-choice questions, essays, and information interpreted from graphics. You can choose from 475 test centres across the globe and book any day as it has regular test days. iKounselor provides interactive PTE training for beginners and students who plan to study abroad.


The eligibility criteria for taking the PTE Exam vary across countries and the universities the participant chooses to apply to. The exam is open to anyone who wants to prove their English language proficiency for academic or professional purposes.

  • In general, anyone who is a non-native English speaker and is planning to study abroad or immigrate to English-speaking countries for work purposes can take the PTE exam.
  • There are no specific educational or age requirements for taking the PTE exam. However, it is recommended that test-takers be at least 16 years and there is no limit on the higher side.

    Note: The participants below 18 years of age need parental consent.


The PTE Academic exam is recommended for anyone who wants to pursue Education abroad in a major English-speaking nation such as the UK, Australia , USA , or Canada, as it has been accepted by thousands of educational institutions worldwide.

Training for PTE through iKounselor includes effective PTE practice tests and exercises to achieve perfect scores. It also includes Mock Tests, Efficient Time Management, Personalized Sessions, Problem-Solving Sessions, and Strategy Sessions.

The test-taker can pursue some potential career paths and opportunities after acquiring a good score.US


The majority of the participants take the PTE Academic test to pursue higher Education in potential countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. Obtaining a qualifying score can help you get admissions to top colleges and universities in these countries for bachelor's and master's degrees.


The exam has three parts: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. It takes 2 hours to complete the entire test, which is divided among the above three sections. Let's examine each section.

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

It is a 60 minutes long section containing seven types of questions, including:

  1. Personal Introduction
  2. Read Aloud
  3. Repeat Sentence
  4. Describe Image
  5. Re-tell Lecture
  6. Answer Short Question
  7. Summarize Written Text
  8. Essay

Note: The personal introduction doesn't have any scoring, as it is designed to familiarize the participant with the PTE test Technology.

Part 2: Reading

The reading part has 5 questions that need to be answered in 30 minutes. It also contains fill-in-the-blanks, which assesses writing skills. The questions include:

  1. Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  3. Re-order Paragraph
  4. Fill in the Blanks
  5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Part 3: Listening

In this part, questions are based on audio or video clips in auto-play mode. You are allowed to hear the audio or video only once during which you can make notes. It has 8 questions and the test-takers need to solve it in 30 minutes.

  1. Summarize Spoken Text
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
  3. Fill in the Blanks
  4. Highlight Correct Summary
  5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  6. Select Missing Word
  7. Highlight Incorrect Words
  8. Write from Dictation

Since the test is taken online, you need to reach the centre half an hour early. At the testing centre:

  • You need to show your valid ID
  • They will take a digital picture and digital signature
  • Scan the palm of your hand.

Note: Only physical IDs are accepted at the testing centre.

Test Preparation

Understand the nature of the questions and then familiarize yourself with the tasks, requirements and scoring. Try to talk in English regularly to become fluent. Work on expanding your vocabulary by learning new words. In addition, practice writing essays on various topics within some time constraints.

Pro Tip: Record yourself and listen to it repeatedly to spot improvement areas.


You must develop thorough preparation and effective strategies to qualify for the exam on your first attempt. Enrol in iKounselor to achieve a compelling study plan and boost your chances of getting good scores on your scorecard. They have the best resources for PTE exam preparation for non-native speakers.
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