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The United States, the Land of the Free, beckons international students with its tech hubs in Silicon Valley, top-tier medical research centers, and the rich tapestry of a global melting pot. Explore unparalleled opportunities in technology, groundbreaking medical advancements, and a vibrant cultural mosaic. Your educational journey in the U.S. promises an immersive experience in innovation and diversity. Welcome to a nation where possibilities know no bounds.

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Why ​​Study in USA?

The USA is a popular choice for those wanting to go in for their higher education because of many reasons such as:

  • Some of the finest and highly rated universities in the world are based in this country. They also boast of the IVY Leagues
  • Flexibility in the education system- The country offers students the opportunity to choose the content and structure of their course. Elective majors help you explore your preference and work on varied interests
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) OPT: A wide variety of degrees offered here are ‘STEM eligible’. This means that international students or candidates have a confirmed opportunity to stay back in the USA and gain additional two years of experience. This is post completion of their degrees to gain practical training working in a US organisation
  • The USA has a robust support system for International students. To empower the International student, universities here conduct workshops, English-language practice courses, orientations, and training
  • Diversity in culture- The USA has long been welcoming and accommodating of differing ideologies, beliefs and nationalities creating a rich cosmopolitan culture
  • Optimized Classroom experience- The US is a country which applies innovative and rapidly changing technological innovations most efficiently in education
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