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The United Arab Emirates is a federation that comprises seven emirates in the eastern Arab peninsula. Three fourth of the land area comprises Abu Dhabi, the primary city being the port city Dubai. Dubai is the port city and the economic and social hub. Housing the financial hubs, skyscraping apartments. The UAE is a hotbed for activity. It is a desert land, with coastal plains and barren mountains. It is a modern country with an emphasis on its traditions and customs.

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Why study in the UAE?

The study options here are diverse and the colleges here range from small colleges to large universities. The UAE and their Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) regulates education. This guarantees high-quality education and at competitive standards.

The seven emirates have a lot to visit and explore. The sand dunes have been converted to host some of the world’s finest sights such as the Performing art centre, Burj Al Khalifa and others.It is one of the safest countries, with a low tolerance for crime.

Arabs are known for hospitality, respect and welcoming ways. They are consummate hosts who share their traditions, food, culture and homes. The Arab tradition is unique. The traditions are unique and an experience in itself. Ruling families, camel rides, shopping, scientific discovery, belly dance, souks and other interesting facts.

There are so many activities available that a student will never get bored. The students have access to the global headquarters of many companies and corporations. The UAE is the headquarter to many fantastic corporations from across the world.

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