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Sweden is a part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and borders Norway in the northernmost part of Europe. This country has been around since ancient times and has been mentioned as early as 98 BC by the Roman author Tacitus. Sweden’s capital Stockholm has remained the unchanged capital for over 500 years. Stockholm is a constitutional monarchy along with a parliamentary democracy. Sweden has a highly developed economy that focuses on being a welfare state. The standard of living is one of the highest in the world.

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Why ​​Study in Sweden?

At some point in time, we’ve all been in awe of Sweden's progressive politics, its public welfare system and IKEA. We have wanted to chase the northern lights, or lounge on the cold beaches or trek its postcard-perfect mountains. Sweden has all these and a very advanced and developed education system.

Sweden is a good choice for a study destination because:-

  • Swedish universities are one of the few universities that actively discourage rote learning. The education system believes in the policy of creative thinking and problem-solving. The schools and universities try to foster independent thinking, creative problem solving, holistic thinking and sustainability. This is done through their non-hierarchical classrooms.
  • A country that believes in sustainability and strives to be environmentally conscious. Sweden uses the highest percentage of renewable energy in Europe. Environmental conservation, renewable and sustainable energy form the core of the country’s values.
  • The country's education system is remarkable and one of the most advanced. Swedish is the primary language of Sweden, yet it is the second country in the world that uses skilled English as a second language.
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  • The Swedes are one of the youngest and most multicultural student fraternities in the entirety of Europe. Sweden is committed to diversity and equality.
  • Sweden has a Freedom to Roam policy. By this, the general public has a right to access almost all of the lands for recreation. This promotes active social life, adventurous spirit amongst others.
  • Swedes are proud of their history. From Vikings to Abba, they celebrate every notable and gifted part of their history. The museums here are mostly free to students on scheduled days.
  • Sweden is home to some famous companies like H&M, Skype, TetraPak and Spotify. The internship and job opportunities here are numerous.