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Malaysia, located just north of the equator, is a commonwealth country in Southeast Asia. It borders Thailand on the northern side and is separated from Singapore on the southern side by a causeway and a bridge. Malaysian terrain is made of granite and igneous rocks, coastal lowlands, mountainous ridges and tropical vegetation. The temperature here is mostly uniform throughout the year.

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Why ​​Study in Malaysia?

The decision to study abroad is both daunting and life-changing. While aspirants focus on universities and quality of education, they must not disregard the culture and lifestyle of the destination or the opportunities on offer.

  • Malaysian universities are fast becoming one of the top-tier universities in the world. Malaysia has a high focus on international standards monitored by the Ministry of Education
  • Malaysia has branches of some of the top universities in the world such as the Monash University of Australia, Nottingham University of UK. Educity Iskandar in Johaar is one of the largest student villages in the world
  • Malaysia has one of the lowest living costs in the world. Quality education is also quite affordable
  • The employment prospects are quite wide and have great opportunities for growth. The students have numerous opportunities for gainful employment
  • Malaysia is politically stable with high safety and very low crime rates
  • Malaysia has a demographic of 50% natives and 50% of other cultures and ethnicities. This makes Malaysia one of the most culturally diverse and inclusive countries
  • Malay and English are the most widely spoken languages. Courses are conducted in English. Students can pick up Cantonese, Mandarin and Hindi, amongst other languages
  • The food, especially street food, is one of the best in the world
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