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A land which speaks of histories like no other country, a land which has the heritage of the Renaissance in world culture and the flavour of all our favourite foods like pizza, pasta and gelato – Italy is the home to history, heritage, fashion and the laid-back life as well as the highest standards of education.The excellence of the universities and institutes here are widely known and despite the insistence on the use of the italian as the preferred language, international students are not just welcomed but provided many benefits.

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Why ​​Study in Italy?

Italy is famous with International Students because of its-

History- Birth of Roman Empire, Renaissance, Fascism and a major player in the 20th century world. The history of this country can be peeled like layers. For anyone interested in history, architecture, archaeology, all roads lead to Rome.

Education itself- The founder of the Bologna process of education, the universities here are an experience no student wants to turn away from. Also, Italians take pride in their drive to study and achieve better.

Affordable Food and lifestyle- The food and lifestyle here are what dreams are made of. Food for everyone from vegan, vegetarian to non-vegetarian is available. Students are spoilt for choice with the wide range of food and lifestyle options. Surrounded by beauty and grandeur, Italy is surprisingly very affordable and accessible.

Art, Architecture, fashion- For anyone who wants to study in these fields, this country is a living and practical example of some of the world’s most influential art movements.

Geography- It is a postcard. No wonder it is the preferred destination for dream weddings, picturesque vacations and the avant garde life. One of the few European Nations which offer English as a medium of education.

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