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An island country, which is so naturally endowed and beautiful that it speaks volumes. Modern cities peacefully coexist with the idyllic countryside. This country is the playing field for adventure, history, culture and entertainment. It is a country that has gone from being one of the poorest countries to a country so well endowed that it gives its citizens free education till the university level.

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Why Choose Ireland?

  • One of the top 20 education destinations in the world, this country ranks amongst the best in Europe. The 7 top universities are extremely flexible, pragmatic and research-oriented.
  • One of the few industry-specific education systems that blends creativity in education to match book knowledge with practical knowledge.
  • They have a course in probably every possible area. Every student can find a course tailor-made for them
  • It is an English speaking country, making it very easy for international students, especially Indian students to adjust here.
  • Scientific research facilities are unparalleled and Ireland is on its way to becoming a global hub of research.
  • The people are extremely friendly and approachable.
  • It is the European hub of major MNC brands like Google, Apple etc.
  • It has a high safety record and is highly ranked in the quality of life index.
  • The population is predominantly young with 40% of the population being under 25.
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