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Germany is one of those few countries in Europe which offers a quality education at extremely affordable prices. While Germany is world-renowned for its automotive industry and engineering marvels, it also hosts the famous Oktoberfest. This sums up Germany. A country that has its own unique culture made up of everything it is good at.Germany is different from other European countries because of the temperate climate it enjoys. The winters aren’t very harsh, nor are the summers. This helps international students adapt to the country easily.

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Why study in Germany?

  • Well, primarily because the education here is free. For an international student, only an administrative charge of $250 per semester is levied. Public universities don’t charge anything else for undergraduate or master’s degrees.
  • German universities have a proven record of being ranked amongst the best universities in the world. Therefore, the education imparted by these universities is universally respected.
  • A student visa to Germany allows the students to travel to any of the countries in the Schengen Area without a visa.
  • Germany is regarded as one of the richest countries in the world. Yet, the living expenses here are reasonable and affordable.
  • Students sharing dorms and renting apartments find the arrangements perfectly suitable for a range of pockets.
  • Germany is a world leader when it comes to capitalising on immigration benefits. This gives rise to immense after study work opportunities.
  • They adopt a dual learning system. Part-time studies along with part-time internships are encouraged.
  • German people are welcoming and warm. They are proud of their language and culture. Therefore, in Germany students get a fantastic opportunity to grow culturally.
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