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The French Republic, or République Française, is located in western Europe. It also has a few overseas colonies in South America, French Guiana, some islands in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. France is the only country in the world that has 12 time zones. France isn’t just about the mystique of Paris or the luxury of Cannes. It is a country that has a poetic landscape that stretches from the endless vineyards in Bordeaux to the dreamy Alps. To bring home the experience; they have fantastic food along with a rich history of arts.

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Why ​​Study in France?

France hosts the largest international student population after the USA and the UK. French universities are renowned for their high quality and specialised education. France is one of the few countries where the rights of international students are similar to those of French and other European Union students.

The other benefits of studying in France are-

  • The availability of varied options for international students- French universities teach a large portion of their courses in English. International students wanting to study in France have a plethora of courses to choose from. The courses mostly cover every possible speciality.
  • Foreign students get similar package deals and rights as domestic students. This means they have easy access to transport, health, housing, entertainment, sport and other advantages for a comfortable living. Each university had their own departments such as health where students can visit for their check-ups and to top that, some visits are free. Apart from this, there are round the year discounts and offers for international students who can avail these benefits at their convenience.
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  • Paris is a thriving ground for technological innovators and startup enthusiasts. Startup enthusiasts from across the world come here for seed investment. This translates to fabulous and exciting career options for students graduating from France.
  • France has fostered intellectual scientists, researchers and microbiologists from as early as the 19th century. The National Centre for Scientific Research supports many students and researchers.
  • The tuition fees for public universities are decided by the government. This makes them quite affordable and reasonable. Even private colleges aren’t very expensive.
  • France is the 7th richest country in the world. This makes the scope for careers and employment immense.
  • French is the third most commonly spoken language in the world. This makes picking up some French while studying a powerful career move for international students.