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Located in the northernmost part of Europe, Finland has Russia to its east and Sweden to its west. Finland was under Russia till 1917. A heavily forested country, one-third of its land lies in the arctic range. This results in the country being bountiful and strikingly beautiful. The universities in Finland, though few, are highly reputed. Most of the universities are research-centred and follow applied based education facilities.

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Why ​​Study in Finland?

  • Finland is a small country. Yet it has one of the strongest education systems in the world. The universities are ranked top 3 in the world. Finnish universities impart real-life training and prepare students for real-world exposure. The approach is multidisciplinary.
  • The tuition fees are very affordable. They have a lot of funding opportunities and grants schemes.
  • Finnish citizens believe in equality and freedom. Students from all countries are treated the same. The student and professor relationship is informal. The standard of living here is very high. The cost of living is not unaffordable in comparison to the standard of living.
  • They believe in a healthy work-life balance. Work, study, vacation, family time are all encouraged and indulged in finnish universities support students and their career opportunities.
  • They help students look for jobs and opportunities Finland is a migrant-friendly country. It supports immigration.
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