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About the Webinar

This Webinar is For You!!!


We know how competitive it can be for medical school graduates to pursue a U.S. medical residency or fellowship—and iKounselor is here to help you with this!


iKounselor with collaboration with Resident Medical Group is organizing a webinar for all the Medical School Graduates during this pandemic scenario.


Resident Medical Group uses a network of residency programs affiliated with top U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals to collaborate with The Everest Foundation in support of GME programs throughout the nation. 

Through Resident Medical Group’s customized pathways and with the support of our experienced specialists, we can help you achieve your dream U.S. medical residency or fellowship goals.

By attending this webinar, you will be able to understand the process of getting admission into these pathway programs. It is a great opportunity for all to discover the ways to study medical from U.S.


So, what are you waiting for!

Register for the webinar and book your ticket. Seats are limited.

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About the speakers

Mr. Vvishal A Dixit

Abroad Education Specialist

CEO & FOUNDER, iKounselor

The Founder and the CEO of iKounselor, Mr. Vvishal A Dixit is a dynamic and generous human being, who believes in the power of perseverance and hardwork. Having an experience of 21 years he is skilled in both business and management, he is familiar with nuances of International Education and aims to make student’s dreams of studying abroad seamless and hassle free. Extensive knowledge in the International Education domain has compelled him to offer services in all aspects of foreign education to address complexities associated with Studying Abroad, by letting students know and understand the concept of Overseas Education.

Dr. Michael Everest

Chairman and Chief Academic Officer

Resident Medical Group, USA

Dr. Michael Everest is Founder and Chief Academic Officer of Residents Medical and The Everest Foundation—pioneers in GME and philanthropy. Respectively, he has over 25 years of experience developing GME programs, assisting community-based hospitals with growth strategies, and guiding US, DO and IMG physicians into residency with strategic training, preparation, and medical education.Under his leadership, multiple residency programs have benefited from fewer citations and better accreditation outcomes to become some of the best GME training programs in the US. He heads a prestigious team and is a figurehead in expanding GME globally by strengthening governmental health systems and managing ACGME Accredited Programs stateside and globally.

Mr. Guru

Abroad education Specialist


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What you will learn?

  • How can you get into the Medical residency program even in pandemic scenario?
  • How do we create a sense of “Normalcy”?
  • How to cope with Resident Burn-out during Covid-19?
  • How can RMG help you achieve your dream?
  • Strategizing your approach to get medical residency. 
  • What you should expect as Medical Resident?
  • The importance of USMLE in your medical residency application.
  • Tips on preparing for USMLE
  • Importance of Program Integration:
  • How to respond to a U.S. Medical Residency Interview Invitation?
  • What are the pathways to residency?
  • What is a Pre-Match U.S. Medical Residency?
  • How to rank higher on the match?
  • What are future opportunities post medical residency?
  • Our success stories and live experiences.

What our panel say?

Panel Members

Jonathan Dang, MD


Prof. Marcos Sánchez, M.D., PhD


Sheila Aula


Prof. Gregory Heffernan


K. Kamal Mohiuddin, M.D.