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Hungary has been a relatively unknown student destination till a few years ago. It has gained reputation and steady in the recent past with its strength in traditional science streams. Several universities in Hungary are world-renowned for their academics. It is a country that is one of the safest and friendliest countries in Europe. Hungary is popularly known as a land of castles, history and vineyards. Diversity and a low-cost lifestyle make it most sought after.

Why choose Hungary?
  • High-quality education- Hungarian colleges offer education with the mindset of providing students with an employment mindset. They have a value-driven, inventive and cooperative education format that helps showcase employment values. The degrees are internationally recognised and demanded
  • Low costs- Education in Hungary is highly affordable as compared to other European countries. The cost of living is affordable and reasonable
  • Diversity in culture- Hungary is multicultural, diverse and a melting pot of various cultures. International students have the freedom to live their lives, have fun and learn from experience

Education System

Hungarian universities offer courses at college as well as university levels. Hungary follows the Bologna process of education. Between the colleges and universities, the education system of Hungary is-
  • The College education (Alapképzés (bachelor’s)- 4 years
  • The University education- Mesterképzés (master’s)- 4-6 years
  • Vocational curriculum- duration is on average of up to 2 years
  • University PhD courses Doktori képzés (doctorate) 3 years
The academic year is from September to June. Courses like pharmaceutical studies, medical studies, architecture and veterinary science are not available at college or bachelors level. They are available from the masters level.


To qualify for a Hungarian institute or university, the students need to complete secondary education for a bachelor’s degree, bachelors for masters, masters for PhD. The results of the previous education must be satisfactory.
Scores of approved tests of language proficiency are mandatory. TOEFL, IELTS or other similar language test scores are required for admissions in Hungarian universities.

Popular Courses

Hungary is best known for their traditional science courses. The universities here also offer comprehensive and practical experience in various streams:
  • Medicine degrees in Hungary
  • Engineering degrees in Hungary 
  • Humanities degrees in Hungary 
  • Music degrees in Hungary 
  • Business degrees in Hungary
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Hungary has a reputation for being one of the most generous countries in granting scholarships. International students benefit a lot from the county’s scholarship schemes. The few most popular scholarship programs are:

Stipendium Hungaricum

This scholarship is funded by the government of Hungary. The number of grants awarded every year is 5,000. The quantum of the grant is to cover tuition fee, accommodation and a monthly stipend to cover other expenses

Bilateral State Scholarship

The scholarship is funded by the Tempus Public Foundation. The grant is given to potential scholars nominated by the bilateral country with which Hungary has ties. Self-nomination is also allowed. The quantum of the grant covers tuition fee, accommodation and a monthly stipend to cover other expenses


This scholarship is funded by the European Union. It is awarded to students across the field of education, sport and training. The quantum of the grant is enough to cover a tuition fee of 3 - 12 months

Visegrad Scholarship Program

The scholarship is funded by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. The scholarship is awarded to meritorious students in any field. The quantum of the grant is complete financial support for one semester for bachelors and masters students. Doctorate students are awarded a grant of 2 semesters

Living Expenses

Including average fees for undergraduate, postgraduate, other programs
The cost of living and tuition fees in Hungary is quite affordable and reasonable. International students may pay an approximate estimate of:-
Tuition Fees in government universities 
  • 1,200–5,000 EUROS per year
  • 12,000–16,000 Euros per year
  • Tuition fees in private universities are expensive and varied
Accommodation varies 
  • Shared university – 28–84 EUROS per month
  • Private Dorms- 110–140 EUROS per month
  • Privates rooms and flats- 140–195 EUROS per month
  • Food expenses – 110 EUROS – 174 EUROS per month
  • Other expenses- 132 EUROS – 212 EUROS per month

Visa Requirements

  • Tuition fee payment proof
  • Acceptance letter from the university where admission is being applied for.
  • Passport valid at least 6 months after the date of entry
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Health insurance and vaccination certificate for yellow fever.
  • Accommodation details for Hungary
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses in the form of bank assurance/statement
  • Visa application form

Work Opportunities

Part-time work opportunities
Most students prefer working during the two-month summer break. They also work to augment their finances or for the experience. Hungary is a country that respects students who wish to work.
Hungarian companies offer flexible hours to students. The work conditions are very conducive to studies and education. 
Students from Non-European Union nations need to apply for a D-5 visa to study. They have a stipulation in their D-5 visa guiding the work hours. International students are allowed to work for 24 hours weekly during their study period. International students can not exceed 90 days or 66 working days outside their study period.
Jobs available to students are mostly
  • Administrative interns in organisations
  • Planning and management programs organised by universities
  • Wait and support staff in restaurants and hotels
  • Supermarket employees
  • Tourism industries casual labour

PSW Visa

Hungary has a special study-to-work permit. It is a form of a residence permit. This work permit is available to fresh graduates. The study-to-work permit allows students to live in Hungary for 9 months after the completion of their education. The permit is to help students have sufficient time to start their own business or find gainful employment. 
The application for the permit needs to be made 15 days before the expiry of the student visa. The conditions to be satisfied are:
  • The student is seeking a job or setting up a company in Hungary
  • The student has proof of adequate funds required to stay in Hungary
  • Proof of funding from abroad to extend the stay of the student
  • Students need to have valid health insurance, accommodation

Life & Culture

Student life

Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe. Students here are impacted most by the vibrancy and multi diversity of the culture here. The students have the ease of making friends and enjoying new experiences without any restraint. The beauty of the landscape inspires calm and passion amongst the students and makes them feel centred. With the use of technology, the academics here are excellent and highly researched.


Hungary is a unique country. The hot water thermal springs found here are incomparable to those anywhere in the world, both in terms of numbers and quality. The uniqueness of the culture is in its tradition of baths. The bathing culture here is as ancient as in Roman times.
Founded by the Huns, the culture is also vastly influenced by the Romans. Hungarians are known for their wisdom and intellect. Over 30 Hungarians have won Nobel awards in the field of art, science and philosophy. 
Hungary has a rich food culture as well. The food is rich with wholesome flavours. The country also loves their water sports and excels at them.
The people are warm and friendly. Learning their native language will help make experiences richer.

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