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Located in the northernmost part of Europe, Finland has Russia to its east and Sweden to its west. Finland was under Russia till 1917. A heavily forested country, one-third of its land lies in the arctic range. This results in the country being bountiful and strikingly beautiful. The universities in Finland, though few, are highly reputed. Most of the universities are research-centred and follow applied based education facilities.

Why study in Finland?
  • Finland is a small country. Yet it has one of the strongest education systems in the world. The universities are ranked top 3 in the world. Finnish universities impart real-life training and prepare students for real-world exposure. The approach is multidisciplinary.
  • The tuition fees are very affordable. They have a lot of funding opportunities and grants schemes.
  • Finnish citizens believe in equality and freedom. Students from all countries are treated the same. The student and professor relationship is informal. The standard of living here is very high. The cost of living is not unaffordable in comparison to the standard of living.
  • They believe in a healthy work-life balance. Work, study, vacation, family time are all encouraged and indulged in Finnish universities support students and their career opportunities. They help students look for jobs and opportunities Finland is a migrant-friendly country. It supports immigration.

Education System

The education system in Finland follows the Bologna system of education. 
  1. The first education cycle- is conducted in 3 years and is the bachelor’s degree. In Finland, this is the undergraduate degree.
  2. The second education cycle- is conducted over a two-year master’s degree. It is considered a graduate degree.
  3. The third cycle is the post-doctorate or PhD program.
They believe in innovating and using modern technology for education. Finland has come up with an Escape Room Lab designed by computer scientists and physicists. These are designed to gamify the education and learning process.


To be admitted to any of the courses taught in English, a student applying to any Finland university needs to have:
  • Bachelor’s degree- A senior secondary education and scores from English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. They may also need to appear for SAT
  • Master’s degree- Students need to have scores from English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. If the course requires entrance examinations, then the students may need to appear for those. Some of the exams could be GRE, GMAT depending on the course

Popular Courses

Finland has a highly researched and developed educational setup. The most popular courses are:
  • Applied Sciences courses in Mathematics, Physics
  • Information and Technology related courses
  • Engineering courses- biotechnology and computers
  • Business-oriented courses
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Living Expenses

Including average fees for undergraduate, postgraduate, other programs
Finland enjoys a high standard of living but still is affordable than most other countries in Europe. On average the cost of studying in Finland is:
  • Degrees taught in English 1500- 25000 euros a year.
  • Accommodation is 350-550 Euros per year
  • Cost of Food and Meals- 200-250 Euros per year
  • Monthly public transport pass- 35-55 Euros per year
  • Personal and other expenses- 280-350 Euros per year

Visa Requirements

  • The students need to file for the student residence permit online. Along with that, the visa document requirements are:
    • Acceptance Letter from the University 
    • Proof of finances required
    • Filled up Application Form
    • A current and valid passport along with recent photos
    • Receipt of Application fees paid 
    • A valid Health Insurance 

Work Opportunities

Part-time work opportunities
Finland offers a lot of support to the student willing to work while studying.  Part-time jobs are readily available and in healthy demand. 
Students are allowed to work for 25 hours a week during the study period. During holidays they can work full-time. Finland has a law that makes equal pay for Finnish students and international students mandatory. 
Work opportunities abound in the field of:
  • Retail sector
  • Hospitality support staff
  • The wait staff at dining places
  • Helps at supermarkets
  • Delivery boys
Finland offers students graduating from one of its universities the option to stay back for a year and search for jobs. They issue a residence permit to find jobs after study. This permit is only valid for a year and is non-renewable. 
The students must have enough funds to sustain their stay for one year. 
On receiving a job or employment, the student then needs to apply for a permanent residency permit.

Life & Culture

Student Life and Culture
Finland universities have student guilds. For every study program, there would be a student guild. This allows for student interaction and helps them have career-oriented events. The guilds also undertake extracurricular activities like camping, trekking etc.
Education here focuses on research and innovation. The students make the most from not just theoretical learning, but practical learning as well. 
Finland is a silent country. There is no noise. The classrooms, cities and  surroundings  are all quiet. 
Finland coffee shops also provide students with a lot of subsidized and cheap coffee. There are a lot of art and extracurricular activities to balance out the learning.
Famous places
Chase the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights- A cosmic extravaganza visible only in some parts of the world, this is a surreal experience. It is visible in the Finnish Laplands from September till March.
  • Santa Claus Village- Santa Claus is fabled to be from Finland. There is an amusement park which is a snow and Santa version of Disneyland. Reindeer rides, igloos, toy factory, safari all the excursions here are designed to enchant and delight
  • Aland- an old and quirky group of islands that has a historic maritime museum and an open-air museum. The culture here is old Finnish culture and this is by far the most tranquil place in Finland
  • Helsinki- The capital of Finland it is also one of Europe’s most visited cities. The landscape is green and lush, the architecture modern yet aesthetic, the food is one of the major attractions
  • Levi- The snow here is pristine, the sky seems endless. The ski resort with its endless ski slopes is an adventure tourists delight

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