Who is iKounselor?

Kounselor is a one-stop solution for global education. Our team of expert Kounselors has years of experience in overseas counseling to guide students towards an education decision best suited for their interests, aptitude, and long-term goals.

Arriving at your dream education destination and university carves the path to your successful future, but the process can be overwhelming. Our sole aim is to make your journey to global education hassle-free from the comfort of your home.

Every student with an education overseas aspiration begins their journey with Kounselor through a one on one virtual assistance and concludes with arriving at their dream destination full of opportunities. The often described "gruesome" application process is turned into a cakewalk through our expert assistance at every step from application to exam training.

Our network of 300+ Universities around the world has helped 1500+ students and counting to realize their maximum potential through the union of technology and our expert Kounselors offering tailor-made global solutions.

As a potential international student, there are a bunch of entry requirements that one has to fulfill. Subject to the course and degree you wish to apply, it is usually a culmination of your level of education, English competency exam, previous academic records, and a foundation course (in some cases.)

The eligibility requirements vary for every destination and university. Our team of expert kounselors are available to guide you through the step-by-step process to enroll you in a program and university best-suited for your interests, merit, and long-term career goals. 

It is advisable to conduct thorough research when deciding on the destination, and course of your study. Some of the factors to consider are:

- University Reputation: Higher the reputation, better the prospects in the career market.


- Tuition Fees: As it's usually the highest cost involved in education overseas, it will help you judge the estimated overall costs.


- Safety: As a student, it is important to be living in a destination that welcomes students through a safe and livable environment.


- Job Opportunities: Talk to our Kounselor and determine which destination has the most job opportunities for your area of education and specialization.

The cost of studying overseas can vary extensively depending upon the destination, course, duration of the program, and the average cost of living.

In the case of some countries, it is mandatory to indicate a certain amount of funds. It is advised to get in touch with our team of kounselors to help you achieve accurate data to make an informed decision.

Most students prefer to work part-time during the course of their studies, this helps them even out their living costs. 

The application process differs for every destination, it is advised t begin at least a year in advance to seamlessly get through every step of the process.

The best way to determine your application plan is to consult our Kounselor who will chalk out a timeline based on your course, destination, pre-requisites, etc.

It will definitely boost your chances of not only securing a good job but building a long-term lucrative career. Studying overseas bestows a student with transferable skills that are highly valued in the global job market.

Every Government and University has certain scholarships available for students. It is usually determined by academic merit and financial requirement. Often, students need to present their scores from a competitive exam - TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, or GRE.

Although, the number of scholarships available is limited. Your dedicated Kounselor can help help you with the details.