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Business Studies is the study of business and includes multiple disciplines like accountancy, marketing, finance and e-commerce. The course prepares students for the challenges that await them in the corporate corridors as well as in every business establishment. 

The courses not only address the practicalities of running a business daily but also addresses the impact that external factors can have upon consumer loyalty and purchasing patterns. Most business degrees also allow students to combine a major field; human resources management, financial analysis, marketing, operations, or entrepreneurship with a second subject, in a combined bachelor program or joint degree option. Business degrees often encompass far more and this rounded approach to this field is matched by a balance between theory and practice: while a degree in Economics is largely theoretical, a Business degree will contain elements of this and also have practical components. Learning a foreign language may prove beneficial for a wide range of business careers, allowing you to converse directly with representatives of international companies and financial hubs across the globe.

Business degrees at the bachelor level last three or four years and a further one or two years at master’s level. Undergraduate business degrees commence with a focus on basic business principles, allowing students to choose specializations as they advance. At the master’s level and beyond, specialization in niche fields is possible.

While academic entry requirements vary from institution to institution, students are required to have a strong background in Mathematics, with an ‘A Level’ or equivalent in the subject. More importantly, universities are looking for students that are knowledgeable, hard-working, time-efficient, and self-motivated and passionate about Business. Although ambition and a desire for success are welcomed, universities are impressed by applicants who show an understanding of ethical and moral considerations. 

Popular countries
International students seeking to study in institutions that teach in English are required to have an IELTS score of 6.5 or above or equivalent. While GMAT is mandatory for admissions into business studies courses, GRE is required for admissions into both business and postgraduate programmes. For GRE, an average score of 310 is desirable and for GMAT, average closer to 700 is deemed a good score.
When scouting for universities to study at, it is important to look at which countries have the best course and modules of one’s interest. It is important to ensure that students attend a university that is both prestigious and has strong links within the industry one is interested to pursue a career in. Many top firms associate themselves with certain academic establishments from which they will recruit most of their entry-level team members. Hence it is important to research along the lines of which specialisation you want to pursue once the course is completed. The most preferred countries to study business studies are Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the US.
There are several career options for those with a qualification in business. While many graduates find work as project managers, management consultants, bankers or as HR Professionals and Operations Specialists, some other sectors where business graduates are in demand are auditing, communications, distribution, hospitality, manufacturing, media administration, production management and public relations.

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