Why iKounselor?

Because you have a dream and we can make it possible. Introducing iKounselor - an interactive and dynamic platform that is backed by VDIEC incomparable experience and superior service standards.

We have the scale and expertise that ensures you get a launchpad to your journey in the stars. The array of services helps students live their dream; whether they want to study abroad, work abroad, or migrate and helps them at every step of the journey from applying to universities, to counselling and training, to visas and post-landing support.

iKounselor intends to make the process of accessing universities, courses, training and locations transparent, hassle-free and driven by user needs. From helping students choose their area of interest, country, and institution to providing intelligent updates and instant query redressals, iKounselor assists students to tailor their dream of studying abroad in a pace they feel comfortable with. By establishing robust working relationships with International educational institutions, we aim to place students in the right course in the right institution that corresponds to each student’s skill, desires, ability, and aspiration. 

Two decades of being a market leader in global education consulting has led us to believe that going abroad changes a person’s fortune and outlook of life for the better. Although our core competency lies in being a career counsellor and study abroad consultant, we aim to inspire, propel and persuade students to live their dream of becoming a global citizen. With iKounselor, we see ourselves as a holistic provider for everything related to Studying Abroad and kick-starting your future in the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Europe, or Canada.

Admissions support: 

Our expert counsellors help students identify their strengths and inclinations to pursue the course that is best suited for them. Students are also prepared for the interviews and are given assistance on application forms and other paraphernalia. The services include Course Selection; Choosing the university or country; admissions; mock interviews; drafting SOP/LORs etc.

Training grounds:

Economies today rely on standardized tests to assess visa applicants for skill and language. As India’s top Study Abroad Consultancy, our professional trainers deliver world-class training to aspirants to help them clinch the best scores and boost their chances of settling abroad and fulfilling their dream of studying and living abroad.

Concierge at your service:

To study abroad encompasses a lot of tasks apart from getting admitted to the university of one’s choice. While most consultancies stop at this point, we at iKounselor ensures that students are equipped and given all the assistance required for moving abroad. This includes notary services; education loan; tickets and foreign exchange; and post landing services including accommodation and transport facilities. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that iKounselor protects and enhances the interests of all our associates; Employees, Students, Trainers, Counsellors & Institutions.

Our mission
iKounselor aims to become the global leader in providing International Education to Study Abroad aspirants. Its success comes from helping students across the country choose the right course in the right university or institution and the right country. We partner with leading universities, schools and colleges across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.
In the next five years, iKounselor will be India’s first Private Education Council offering a complete service package that couples educational counseling services with training research and business promotions.
In the next ten years, iKounselor aims to transform the Central Indian landscape, making it an International education hub with escalating rates of student influxes to universities and colleges abroad and foster a strengthened relationship with international partners.

Our values


To grow the business and assist students with utmost honesty and maintain transparency while providing value-added services to all our stakeholders.

Encourage Cultural Diversity

To study abroad, has always been an indicator of quality and a good investment for the future. It is also seen as a tool to encourage cultural diversity across nations.

In Pursuit of Excellence

To proffer personalized and tailor made packages to each student, so as to gratify individual necessities and excel in all offered services.


To be passionate about providing the best quality overseas education consulting service and honor that promise to help realize their dream of studying abroad.


To live upto the commitment we have made as an organisation to every stakeholder- student, partner and university on realising the objective.

Hard is good

We embrace tough technical challenges, the more formidable the better. We believe connecting the dots between technology, creativity, and business strategy is the surest way to solve complex problems.   We approach every project with fearlessness and relentless curiosity. Our experience shows that taking leaps of faith is the only way to make a large-scale, positive impact on society.

The Founder